Council of Bad Language Disdainers

DISDAINS:  Bad Language Distributed Throughout Our Culture and Community.

DESPISES:  Money Driven Rap Poison Lyrics that Degrade our culture, Damage our Public  Image,  Disparage Our Females, Demean our Men and Denigrate the Village it takes to Raise Our Children.

DETESTS:  The Silence of Black Religious and Civic Leadership Lambs and their Failure to Oppose, Expose, Battle and Publicly Confront the Devil Inspired Use of Music and Word to Re-enslave Our People  and Control the Training Up of Our Children.

Why do Disdainers Disdain, Despise and Detest Rap Poison Lyrics?

One of nature’s most powerful movers and shakers of mind, heart and body is music. It can lift us up, tear us down or turn us around.

Commercial music is controlled by the music industry moguls and executives whose main interest is in money for themselves, not the enrichment of our culture and community.

The industry took formerly positive and culturally relevant rap lyrics and, in concert with the Devil, also a musician, turned them into rap poison for the entertainment of mostly white purchasers.

The poison lyrics portray mainly Blacks as living a degraded ugly life in which sex, material things, sleazy good time evil and any way you can get it money are the cherished community values.

We voluntarily accept the public image disaster resulting from rap poison lyrics and videos giving the impression we have no respect for ourselves or our children.

While the Holy Scriptures tell us “train up a child in the way it should go and as it grows older it will not depart from it”, we have allowed the Devil and its companion music industry to train up our children in the way they want our children to go, and sure enough, they are not departing from it.

The appallingly negative rap lyric instructions given our boys early in life that Black females are mainly bitches and hos, corrupted their behavior and attitude toward them. Many of our boys do not see our girls as cherished valued wonderful beings. Regrettably, they often see them as sex gratifying body parts.

We believe rap poison lyrics have contributed mightily toward the catastrophic AIDS pandemic afflicting Black females.

The widespread growth of poison rap lyrics has placed Black society at great social, economic, educational and medical risk with the non-Black society purchasing poison lyric CDs and videos as zoo patrons purchase tickets to watch the animals perform in their cages.

Our secular, civic and religious leadership are remaining in pathetic, paralytic silence regarding our condition. Speaking out against or confronting the enemy is taboo in our community. So, virtually no leader high or low dares break the code. This is the way it was during slavery and subsequent segregation.

What Should a Disdainer Do About This? 

Keep talking and complaining about it. Outrage encourages and emboldens timid others.

Help organize Culture Dignity or Community Affairs Committees in your group, club, organization or church. Each church or alliance of churches should develop battle strategies to defeat the enemy.

Urge our silent leaders to break silence and take a stand in their meetings and conferences. Check their agendas.

Organize, equip and prepare youth groups to meet the Devil’s challenge.

Help set-up workshops seminars, classes and forums to educate the community and confront the enemy.

Persuade your school system to offer a wide array of music styles to expose our children to more positive music.

Join Disdainers or other culture conscious groups willing to confront culture evil. It strengthens the voice of opposition to this new form of culture crack.

Call and/or write every outlet you can find, like radio and TV stations, book video and CD shops.

How Do I Contact or Join the Disdainers?

Evangelical Church of God, 1205 Washington Ave.,

Bronx, NY 10456, 718-665-3497 Fax:718-665-0708



Council of Bad Language Disdainers is a mission of the Evangelical Church of God. There are no membership fees. Ask for an application.

Presentations: We arrange free of charge, speakers, visual aids and forum presentations on this subject.

Lena Scarborough-Gates, Associate

Jonathan Irons, Esq, Associate

Rev. Levern Tillery, Associate

Gwendolyn Ware, Associate

Joyce Wood, Associate

Bert Irons, Coordinator