Q & A

 Q.       What Does “Evangelical Mean?

 A.       For us it means spreading the Good News of the Gospel.

 Q.       What's So good About Your News?

 A.       Mainly that Jesus died on the cross that we might be free from the death of sin and receive eternal salvation and eternal life.   But also, that Jesus was a social activist concerned about the lives of people here on earth.

 Q.       Is the Social Activism of Jesus Good News For Us?

 A.       Yes!  We believe the church should follow the teaching and example of Jesus by itself seeking justice and fairness for His people.

 Q.       Don't All Churches Do This?

 A.       No! Particularly BlackChurches and its leadership.

 Q.       Why Is That?

 A.       The only way most Black slave state and beyond churches could survive in the culture of slavery and White supremacy, was to tolerate, cooperated, collaborate and remain silent.  The governing slave theology was Paul Biblical admonition that slavery honor God by being good t their slave masters.  This slave survival legacy has been passed down largely unchanged to the Black church of today.

 Q.        Do You Mean Most Black Churches of Today Still Follow the Slave Survival Strategy?

 A.        Yes.   The voice of the BlackChurch and its leadership is in fact so pathetically silent that twenty (20) Black churches on a two (2) block poor urban Black neighborhood would have little or no consequence or relevance to the quality of the civic life of its     residents.

 Q.        Don't I hear Church Leaders and Preachers Speak Loudly In Church?

 A.        Inside the church; yes.  However, their voices are barely audible outside the church building where it counts.  “The Battlefield for Our Lord” is all over the length and breath of our communities.  But rarely do you see them there in sustained battle.  Almost everywhere the Devil is winning.

 Q.       What Can Be Done Now?

 A.        There are a few churches, religious and secular leaders who are willing to get on the battlefield to confront and oppose the armada  of Satan and his army of puppets.  A determined few with the Lord can make a tremendous difference Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Charged our nation even though vigorously opposed by much of the BlackChurch and the Ku Klux Klan.

Q.        Is EvangelicalChurch of God Related Organizationally to Any Other Religious Group?

A.        Yes. We are an autonomous church, family related to the Church of God movement headquartered in Anderson, Indiana.  We are also part of the Eastern New York Assembly of Church of god Churches headquartered in Far Rockaway, Queens, NY.